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What if you could have one of the top B2B Lead Generation experts analyze what you are doing today? What if he did a diagnosis on your business and made recommendations about where you can improve?

That's the idea behind the Lead Generation Assessment Service

Provide Client with brief but personalized assessment of current lead generation programs along with specific recommendations they can immediately put to use. A typical lead generation assessment service takes two weeks onsite.

Cost": $6,500 plus expenses

Client can also elect to request a full demand generation proposal from Find New Customers.

Process: (Topics to be covered. Other areas may be added as information is collected.)

  • Stakeholder needs and desires – What are we trying to accomplish and how do we measure success? Interview all key stakeholders.
  • Value Proposition – Is it measurable, specific, time-fenced and balanced?
  • Website – Does it reflect prospect issues and can prospective customers find their problems and get answers? Where do we rank in key search terms so we can be found when prospects search?
  • Marketing and customer database – Are they complete and accurate? What information are we missing and how can we plug the gaps?
  • Customer personas and media consumption – Are they well-defined and documented?
  • Universal Lead Definition – Can we all agree on what is and is not a lead?
  • Customer buying process – Is it defined and documented?
  • Marketing content – Is it mapped to Customer Personas and Buying Processes? Where are the gaps?
  • Lead scoring – How do we determine which leads to give to sales and how do we ensure the prospect is truly ready to talk to sales? Are we using inside sales properly?
  • Digital body language – What is our mechanism to track prospect behavior online? How are we capturing prospect information? Are we using a progressive approach?
  • Sales messaging – What do salespeople say? Is it effective or can it be improved?
  • Sales process and forecasting – What is the process being currently used and how well does it fit how prospects buy?

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